Nouveau Resort, Camiguin Island

Nestled in the Pacific Ocean, with a view of the sunrise and the volcanoes as its backdrop, Nouveau Resort offers a luxurious experience in Camiguin Island. Its 400 meter shoreline sits right across Mantigue Island, a diving destination. Embrace and experience Nouveau Resort’s upscale features: Extended Olympic lap pool,  yoga and mediation park, a forest-inspired landscaping, family recreation center, splash park for kids, beauty and wellness center, gym, artisan shop, specialty dining outlets and world-class accommodations.

In Camiguin, where the forest meets the sea and the water mirrors the sky, adventures are always within your reach. The mountains above or the seabed below, or the 14 volcanoes nestled in the heart of the island are all waiting to be explored. Whether you seek relaxation or adventure, everything is close at hand in Camiguin, the island born of fire.