Nouveau Magic Carrier Terms and Conditions

  1. All transfers are subject to crossable tides, good navigable weather conditions, seaworthiness of the vessel and any other unforeseen events affecting the vehicle’s capability to travel or cause its cancellation.
  2. Safety of guests and team members are of utmost priority, and thus, any scheduled travel may be cancelled by Nouveau Magic if in its sole discretion pursuing the travel would possibly prejudice the safety of any or all of the guests.
  3. Beyond full refund of equivalent transfer fees as applicable, Nouveau Resort assumes no further responsibility or liability due to delayed or cancelled trips due to the above enumerated unforeseen circumstances. Any and all assistance or services extended by Nouveau Resort after any trip cancellation shall be subject to applicable fees and service charges.
  4. Sail timings are subject to change without prior notice. Nouveau Resort cannot be held responsible for any delays or cancellations due to Nouveau Magic.
  5. Nouveau Resort Management will assist in finding the best possible alternative regarding room accommodation for stranded passengers.
  6. I/We have read and agree to this agreement between myself/my group and Nouveau Magic as listed in the PASSENGER MANIFEST.