Relatively unspoiled and an ideal size for exploration, Camiguin (cah-mee-geen) is notable for its imposing silhouette – drop it down next to Hawaii or Maui and it wouldn’t look out of place. With more than 20 cinder cones 100m-plus high, Camiguin has more volcanoes per square kilometre than any other island on earth. ---Lonely Planet

Camiguin, an island "born of fire" in the south of the Philippines and nestled in the Pacific Ocean, is known for its volcanoes towered by the majestic Mt. Hibok-Hibok, lush forest, white-sand beaches, colorful dive spots, and the natural mystical beauty of the island. 

Check out the official website of Camiguin's tourism office to see more of what Camiguin has to offer.

Whether you prefer to kick back and relax and take in Camiguin’s quiet beauty or prefer to embark on action-packed adventures hiking up the volcanoes or snorkeling and discovering the beauty under the seas, Nouveau will be there to help you create wonderful memories.

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Family Activities

For a perfect family vacation,  the resort has an extended Olympic-sized pool, a kiddie pool, an outdoor splash park and an indoor recreation center (coming soon!).  The resort also plans to offer group activities just for young kids, such as pizza-making classes, garden walkthroughs, and local arts and crafts lessons.  Babysitting services will be available.

Island Adventure

Wander around the lush foliage of Mt. Hibok Hibok.  Mesmerize yourself with the enchanting Katibawasan Falls, Tuasan Falls, Sto. Nino Cold Spring,  and the Ardent Hot Spring. Discover tales as old as time with visits at the Sunken Cemetery, the active volcanoes, and the rich underwater stories of the fiery island.


Island shopping- Coming soon

Take some memories with you when you stop at the shop featuring local artisan finds and sundry items.