Explore Camiguin

Relatively unspoiled and an ideal size for exploration, Camiguin (cah-mee-geen) is notable for its imposing silhouette – drop it down next to Hawaii or Maui and it wouldn’t look out of place. With more than 20 cinder cones 100m-plus high, Camiguin has more volcanoes per square kilometre than any other island on earth.
Lonely Planet

Camiguin, an island in the south of the Philippines, was formed in an explosive past. It is an island with 7 volcanoes, one of them active, as it last erupted less than 100 years ago. The memories of the past are fresh, but the air is even fresher.

This is a place that’s waiting to be discovered, and is a place where people can discover themselves. The white sand beaches like White Island and Mantigue Island are fun to visit, but there is always something else to explore- like hiking the volcanoes and discovering the waterfalls, or just finding a peaceful nook to experience the quiet beauty of nature. It is the natural beauty and serenity of Camiguin that exudes peace.

It was less than half a century ago when the island had electricity and just in the last 2 decades when the road system made everything accessible in less than an hour.  And while most people look for places that have commercial success, this is a destination where nature is in harmony with progress.

Camiguin is just as beautiful as Hawaii or the Caribbean or the Maldives, but more accessible and economical.  But even with the influx of tourists, Governor JJ Romualdo wants Camiguin to be the antithesis of a party destination. Camiguin is not a party island but a serene place to have fun and go on adventures by yourself, with a loved one or with family.

It is the place to create beautiful memories.  

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Photo credits: Bernard Elvin Simene